Creativity programs in various Elementary Schools to Middle Schools are one of the activities that are of interest to both students, teachers and even students’ parents.
One program that aims to hone skills in making various crafts also reduces the use of smartphones.

Maybe now one of the tools that students can’t forget is HP, where social media is a place of entertainment and escape for children.

Without realizing it, parents also have an important role in using cellphones, especially for playing social media.

With this program, it is hoped that children’s intelligence and creativity will increase, plus environmental interaction which directly creates two-way communication either with teachers or with parents in discussing what product to make.

Maybe many organizers need ideas for this workshop, or even lack information about the raw materials used in making these creative products. For this reason, we are here to provide solutions for organizers, Event Organizers and Schools who wish to hold this craft workshop.

We have a variety of DIY and craft products such as lace fabrics, various kinds of beads, as well as other crafts in making decorations.

We are happy to open collaborations either directly with the teachers or with event organizers in various cities. For further cooperation, you can contact our team on whatsapp 08977221000.